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Click to Download References Category:Indian films Category:Hindi-language films Category:2016 filmsSaudi Arabia has admitted to dropping bombs on a Yemeni civilian target, for the first time since 2015. On Monday, the kingdom admitted that its air force had carried out airstrikes on a Yemeni port on July 3. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, defended the attacks, saying the kingdom has a right to defend itself. But Yemen's government said it would boycott the talks with the UN, calling for greater pressure to end the conflict. Saudi Arabia has denied targeting civilians, but says it was responding to missile attacks from Yemen. Yemen's Houthi rebels have denied that they were responsible for the attack. A rebel spokesman told Al Jazeera that the Houthis are "not surprised by the Saudi aggression". "The Saudi regime is looking for an excuse to use force to continue its aggression," the spokesman said. "It should be expected because the kingdom's war is based on supporting the aggression and the military aggression against the Yemeni people. "They [Saudi] are looking for new excuses to continue their aggression and, in that context, they say this incident was a drone. "However, the pictures are clear enough to see that there is no drone." Haley defends Yemen attacks Saudi Arabia launched an air campaign against Yemen in March 2015 after Houthi rebels ousted the government from Sana'a. It has continued bombing Yemen even after the UN special envoy Martin Griffiths was deployed to the country in December 2017. The two sides have been locked in talks, mediated by the UN, for two years to end the war, which has killed tens of thousands of people and created the world's worst humanitarian crisis. The Saudi-led coalition carried out more than 11,000 airstrikes on Yemen last year, according to the UN. The UN has already rejected the two-year deadline set by the talks. Gita Fronstin, director of the Centre for Global Policy, told Al Jazeera the Riyadh's admission of responsibility for its bombing "marks a shift in the level of rhetoric and the level of willingness to engage" for a resolution. "The US ambassador's strong defence of the Saudi airstrikes against what the US perceives as a legitimate target... [says] to me that it is important to remember that this is not a one-



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Golmaal 3 Full Movie Download In Hindi 720p whakape
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